Perfect Wedding Party!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-12 at 11.32.29 AMThe perfect wedding party with a bilingual master of ceremony

Weddings have a great way of opening our hearts and uplifting our spirits. But they also take considerable effort to pull off.  Indeed, if they weren’t so much enjoyable, we’d probably all decide they weren’t worth the effort.

For Asian weddings, there are no limits to the ways you can make your wedding a truly memorable event. Besides having a comprehensive to-do list, you need to hire a bilingual master of ceremony to help with the smooth running of the wedding ceremony.

Why a bilingual master of ceremony?

As with many Asian traditional weddings, a master of ceremony officiates at the ceremony. The wedding emcee welcomes guests, sets the scene and facilitates the activities to ensure everyone is having a great time. But these days we’ve adapted to more westernized weddings which means you’ll encounter plenty of occasions where your wedding guests speak different languages. The complexity of a multilingual audience can be a challenge as there are additional logistics to take into account, such as making a budget for interpreters.

However, a bilingual master of ceremony can successfully navigate these challenges and help you have a wonderful wedding ceremony. A bilingual emcee is not only proficient in using various languages fluently and accurately, but they can also add personal touches to the ceremony. These personal touches can be anything from blending in traditions, to honoring the family, to keeping the wedding on time, and to including a humorous story about how the couples met. Or all of the above.

With a bilingual wedding emcee, you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of the wedding ceremony or whether you will look good without having problems. The master of ceremony in your wedding takes that pressure off—allowing you to embrace your special day with joy and excitement.

Because weddings are more about emotions, a bilingual speaker will work hard to make the ceremony more memorable for you and your family. The emcee will introduce the speakers with a special touch, pronounce the names of important guests correctly and follow a well-laid out wedding emcee script. Overall, a bilingual wedding emcee has all the ingredients to make your wedding ceremony a success.

Take Singapore emcee Lee Qing Hong as an example. As a professional emcee and radio host, Lee Qing Hong prides himself on not just being an excellent bilingual emcee, but rather a smooth and charming master of ceremony who knows how to entertain and deliver a perfect wedding. Check out his portfolio.


Bilingual Emcee

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-12 at 11.33.01 AMWhy hire a bilingual emcee for your event?

When you’re charged with running an event that will bring together guests who speak different languages, there are plenty of pain points that you must take into consideration.

One of the main challenges you’ll face is determining the number of floor languages (main language) to use to fully engage the audience.  And with Singapore increasingly becoming a cosmopolitan city, the need to cater to different cultural backgrounds and languages attending an event is becoming even stronger.

To ensure that the event objectives are achieved, considering hiring a bilingual professional emcee.

Why hire a bilingual events emcee

From running Q&A sessions and inviting foreign speakers at your event, you’ll encounter plenty of occasions when you have to master the management of different audiences. While having interpreters can be effective, it comes with additional logistic challenges that would only help to blow your budget out of proportion.

Hiring a professional bilingual emcee can help you reduce costs and deliver a successful conference. A bilingual emcee is proficient in many different languages and can tailor your messages across to meet the needs of all guests. The right emcee is responsible not only for running the event from the stage, but also for engaging your attendees in the language they resonate with. He/she will also bring the audience into the conversation, ensuring that attendees connect, learn, and leave with fresh information.

Another advantage of enlisting the services of a bilingual master of ceremony is that it will save you significantly from having to invest in interpreters, audio engineers, and equipment. Since the emcee can connect effortlessly with diverse audiences, you may end up not paying for these services at all.

Whether it is an award ceremony, fun event or a formal gathering, attendees are usually heterogeneous, coming from all walks of life. So you need a bilingual emcee who is not only proficient in common Mandarin Chinese, but also English and other popular languages. Having a bilingual event emcee greatly enhances the experience for attendees by increasing engagement.

Outstanding event emcee in Singapore

One of the highly sought professional bilingual events emcees in Singapore is Emcee Lee Qing Hong. Charming and entertaining, Lee Qing Hong effortlessly connects with the audience whether it is white-collar professional, blue-collar professionals or anything in between. With a vibrant personality & the love for fun, he affects the crowd with his energy and keeps them engaged and enjoying themselves.