Bilingual Emcee | Radio Host 

Qing Hong is an effectively bilingual emcee, fluent in English & Mandarin.
He also hosts his own weekend radio show on SPH Chinese radio UFM100.3

Radio Host.PNG

With a vibrant personality & the love for fun,
he affects the crowd with his energy & gets them on their feet!


“Qing Hong is a humorous and talented young man who never fails to bring joy and laughter to the people on the floor. He has an awesome personality and possesses great adaptability skills. I am glad to be able to work with him and he has done an excellent job for our staff appreciation dinner. His effort and services are highly commendable. If you are looking for a professional Emcee with the gift of the gab and the bonus of good looks, ENGAGE QING HONG.
Doreen, Sengkang Green Primary School

Fun or Formal, count on Qing Hong to deliver



“Strongly recommend Qing Hong who can be depended upon to draw crowds, create hype and fun at the event itself. Thanks for being so bubbly in engaging our customers and exceeding our expectations! Stamford Catering is happy to have you!”
Joyce, Marketing Manager, Stamford Catering

From Private Dinners to Public Events,
Qing Hong changes his engagement to captivate the audience


“Thank you, Qing Hong, for hosting The TENG Ensemble at Our Tampines Hub! When your event isn’t ticketed, it is always a challenge to engage a transient and unpredictable audience. Yet, you’ve done it beautifully and charmingly  

Teresa Fu, Manager, Teng Ensemble

Watch Qing Hong in action!